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Avengers: Endgame: JB Review

(Note that this is a spoiler-free review.) Right here is the culmination of Marvel's infinity saga and what I can at least say is that it may have just saved the best for last on an epic scale. There's a lot toward the story I can only keep as vague as the trailers, but what we can tell from it is how last year's shocking cliffhanger would affect our heroes. It's the aftermath of Thanos' snap and we see the remaining Avengers in a compromising position as it gets to a rather somber start, but overtime they'll have to reunite and come up with their riskiest plan yet.

Where this goes also showcases the journey of these characters and how they grew not only as a team but a family. (The same can be said about the cast in real life.) We see each one play a pivotal role and in ways you might not have totally expected, but it's in an obvious way to surprise. The action for one thing, isn't even the main focus compared to the past films, yet when it does happen, it for sure delivers.

In its 3-hour run, what it would bring is fan service and pay tribute to Marvel's own universe with a high amount of Easter eggs that would require a second viewing. Though it's proven how Disney's officially taken over the whole industry, you can't help but give credit and thanks to the many people bringing it to life such as the producers, directors, and cast. The MCU is far from over, but the latest Avengers is shown to be ambitious, emotionally driven, and overall a damn good superhero film. A-

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