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Assassin's Creed: JB Review


If you guys know about these video game adaptions, they usually end up pretty bad, and I mean from what I've seen and read, they are just awful. Now we got Assassin's Creed that I think, however, is the closest thing to an improvement. I've played these games for a long time and this seems to be a more original story with several elements to the series, where Michael Fassbender's character is sent to a facility and hooked into a special crane that is the animus, (apart from the games where it was a bed or chair.) & into a simulation of his ancestor from ancient Spain.

I also think it plays the action well, though I would have liked to have seen an R-rated version of the movie as well, like no matter how many people have been stabbed or how many throats have been slit, there's hardly any blood spilled. (Almost like how they were soft enough to give the Mortal Kombat movies a PG-13) So despite its flaws, it was made descent enough in its source material. I can imagine this being a film series, though it's likely there won't be one. B

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