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A Wrinkle In Time: JB Review


Ok, I gotta admit this might be a tough one, I say that because A Wrinkle In Time seemed like an interesting plot that takes a new adventure through time and space, and the result is rather underwhelming. Directed by Ava DuVernay, known for Selma and a few documentaries, this centers on a girl named Meg whose scientist father goes missing while looking for like, a faster solution to space travel, I think? Along with her brainiac of an adopted brother, she's confronted by the misses, Who, Which, and Whatsit, to help find him though different worlds. And that's where I get to the pros and cons of this.

What I can give it credit for is how it shows some diversity in the cast and DuVernay being the first woman of color to direct a 100 million film with this. This is likely though more targeted at kids, but the kind of family films I watch are ones that can connect to people of all ages. I would have wanted more out of this one, because there's an important message somewhere, yet it isn't prevented from a few clichés, (beat the negatives with positives, of course the girl's gonna have a bully at one point) You also gotta feel something for the characters, like when Meg's friend falls off during a flight scene, plunging to his possible death, I didn't really feel anything. Finally, once we see the main antagonist, it results into something so unusual and awkward that you can't take it seriously.

Now while there's potential shown, it might not be Ava DuVernay's time for big fantasies yet. C

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